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Anirudh Koul in ASCII

Welcome to Anirudh Koul's web page circa 2001! I am currently a Data Scientist at Microsoft, near San Francisco. Previously, I worked at Yahoo Inc as a Research Engineer, and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

As a child, I was fascinated with patterns in data. And that's what I am exploring even now. My interests include Machine Learning on large scale data, Hadoop, Scalability, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. At Microsoft, I get to work with petabyte-scale social media data sets (including Twitter, Facebook, Foursqare and Quora) on a daily basis.

In my free time, you would find me training for the Ironman triathlon (140.6 Mile/225 KM endurance race), taking Gigapixel photographs or participating in 24/48 hour programming hackathons. Feel free to contact me and enjoy your stay!

Note : I made this website when I was an innocent kid, and it hasn't been updated much. For the latest info, please go to my LinkedIn page.

My name is often misspelled as Anirudh Kaul